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Thermicroll Roll-up doors are fast doors that are the result of large investments in research and development and guarantee the best quality for the installation of industrial quick-winding fasteners. Whether it’s the separation of work areas, micro perforated shutters, wind dampers or burglar-proof shutters, Thermicroll offers the most complete range of roll-up doors and shutters in Italy.

Numerous tests and checks are carried out on each shutter door as required by Community standards. Among the most important rapid door tests are specific wind resistance tests, water permeability and winding resistance tests.

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Shutter and Roll-up doors

Industrial shutter door


Thermicroll® Classic are rolling shutters suitable for a wide range of industrial environments where an easy, economical and space-saving industrial door is required.

The Classic industrial rolling shutter model is a product with an unbeatable value for money and minimal maintenance.

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Wind-resistant rapid roll-up door


Quick rolling door Thermichroll® the key feature of which is the comparable wind resistance. This high-speed windproof door is perfect in situations where air movements are very sustained, whether it be weather events or man-made flows.

Eolo rapid roll-up doors are designed for any type of industry with large compartments.

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