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Thermicroll’s automated sectional doors are speed doors that are the result of major investments in research and development. Automated sectional doors are characterized by a design that combines functionality and aesthetics. Among the main features of sectional closures are their extremely low-noise operation, fast opening and closing and extremely small dimensions.

All our sectional doors are also fully customizable in structural terms and guarantee the highest quality in terms of performance and safety.

Thermicroll sectional doors open vertically upwards and run parallel to the garage roof, saving space.

Thermicroll® sectional doors

porte sezionali garage

Residential sectional doors

Thermicroll sectional roll-up doors for residential use are ideal as garage doors and are characterized by a high quality both from a structural and aesthetic point of view. All the residential closures are highly customizable and thanks to the wide range of available finishes they can be integrated into any architectural context.

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