Thermicroll®: industrial doors for airports and shipyards

Thermicroll meets the needs of airports and shipyards with high speed doors designed specifically for this type of industries.

Among our range of solutions, the most performing are the insulated roll-up doors.

Thermicroll airport doors and industrial shutters are designed for the needs of hangars and naval depots.

Insulated doors hinder the strong wake wind. Thanks to these closures, it is possible to preserve and ensure the execution of all activities in the sector. Furthermore, airports and seaports require a safe and easy transition from the internal to the external environment and vice versa.

The operational times of airports and seaports are very strict and require fast execution. Airport hangars and ship depots must be in continuous service. Insulated industrial closures protect the vehicles from weather conditions (frost, wind, strong hail, storms) and often adverse weather conditions. In addition, these industrial doors are perfect for the various operational requirements (especially in the military, police and civil protection fields). At the same time, the possibility of operating inside the structure, and close to the door, without any limitations, must be guaranteed.

Another problem is noise pollution, which is typical of airport and maritime activities. Noise reduction is one of the special features of Thermicroll industrial doors.

For all these reasons, any industrial door must guarantee the activities of the sector in total safety. All this must be done without being an obstacle: the reliability of the door is the central element of our product. Thermicroll® meets these and other needs as quickly and reliably as possible, anywhere.

Ensuring maximum speed, robustness, insulation and noise reduction, Thermicroll® Insulated doors are the pride of your business! Discover the other advantages of Thermicroll high-speed doors now!

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