Thermicroll®: high speed doors for composting industry

Industrial doors for companies operating in composting and environmental sector are among the most popular Thermicroll shutters. We are specialized in designing, building, installing and providing assistance for fast doors and industrial closures designed specifically for this type of industry.

Industrial doors for composting companies solve the problem of large openings in the environmental sector

Compost is the result of the decomposition and humification of a mixture of organic materials.

As known, where there is composting or ecological landfill, many larger insects and animals are attracted. The problem is certainly more acute during the summer season or in areas with high humidity or temperatures. In addition, composting companies create unpleasant fumes in the surrounding areas. Therefore, the most appropriate solution for ecological landfills and composting companies is to store the compost material in storage areas easily accessible by large bulldozers and buckets.

Large storage areas such as composting and ecological landfills require large openings for heavy goods vehicles and heavy loads. At the same time, industrial closure must ensure that it has both thermal and fume blocking properties. Thermicroll meets these and other requirements as quickly and reliably as possible thanks to its rolling shutters and doors.

With the highest speed, robustness and impediments to flow between different areas, Thermicroll® High-speed doors are the solution designed specifically for the environmental and composting sectors. Discover all the other advantages of Thermicroll high-speed doors now!

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