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Thermicroll® Spiral 50 Smart – Insulated Industrial Door

Insulated Industrial Doors Spiral 50 SMART

Top range door between insulated industrial doors, Spiral 50 Smart provides the best performance in terms of safety, insulation and limited maintenance, combined with an attractive aesthetic look; it is suitable for both inside and outside applications. Ideal for loading bay.

The winding patented circular spiral is made of high density polyethylene and the curtain is composed of aluminum panels or double wall steel with high thermal-acoustic insulation and possibility to include polycarbonate windows. The winding space is very low. It does not require anchoring to the ceiling.

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Insulated Industrial Door
Insulated Industrial Door

Insulated doors Spiral 50 SMART : the ideal closure for loading portals

Spiral 50 SMART insulated industrial doors are part of Thermicroll’s insulated speed doors and are ideal industrial closure for bays and loading portals.

Due to the special characteristics of this insulated spiral door, the Spiral 50 SMART is used not only as a closure for loading portals and garages, but also in various other sectors: retail, industry, logistics, refrigeration.

Spiral 50 SMART insulated industrial doors are available in standard colours (White similar to RAL 9010 and Grey similar to RAL 9006) as well as in a different colour mix between inside and outside. The inside of the insulated door is in grey similar to RAL 9006, while the outside can be customized by choosing from six different colours.

The high wind resistance, fast and easy door opening and operating temperature from -5 °C to +40 °C make the Spiral 50 SMART the best insulated industrial closure available on the market. In addition, polycarbonate windows can be placed inside the insulated door.

The insulated door, which uses mechanical and electrical components of the highest quality, is entirely developed, designed and built in Italy, in one of the company’s sites. The first guarantee on Spiral 50 SMART insulated spiral doors is given by the tests carried out before and after installation.

Specifically, this model has been validated to withstand 3 million opening and closing cycles. Finally, the insulated doors are completely reliable thanks to the numerous thermal tests carried out in the various production and installation phases.

All our insulated roll-up shutters comply with the 12453-12445/EC and UNI EN 13241-1/EC regulations and are certified as exclusive and original products, unique in their strength, practicality, functionality and quality.

If the Spiral 50 SMART insulated door is not the most suitable door for your needs, you can see the other Thermicroll insulated industrial locks: Spiral ISO 50 insulated shutters, Spiral 80 Cold Room insulated spiral doors, Spiral 80 Special Application rapid doors, Air Flow shutters.
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Thermicroll® Spiral Door ISO 50 SmartThermicroll® Spiral Door ISO 50 Smart

Application Internal and external
Maximum Size 6500×6500 mm
Opening speed Up to 0.5 m/sec (depending on size)
Closing speed ~ 0,5 m / sec
Thermal coefficient U = 1.5 W/m2K (depending on size)
Acoustics U = 22 Db
Water permeability Class 3
Air permeability Class 3
Operating temperature – 5 °C + 40 °C
Wind load
L/H 3000 x 3000 mm
L/H 5000 x 5000 mm
L/H 6000 x 5000 mm
Structure Galvanized steel or epoxy powder coated steel RAL (optional)
Coat thickness 50mm External/Internal: pre-painted aluminium RAL in standard colours Optional: steel/aluminium painted with RAL epoxy powder coating
Spiral Patented in high density polyethylene PEHD 500
Guides Patented in high density polyethylene PEHD 500
Control panel Mechanical 380 V per man present
Power supply 400 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Limit switch Mechanic/Encoder
Gearmotor Reversible with parachute / electric brake 110V
Emergency release Standard
Manual chain opening and closing
Wiring IP 69 plug and play
Durability 3 million opening and closing cycles with regular maintenance every 6 months or every 150,000 cycles


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