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Thermicroll® Komby – Insulated Pvc Rolling Door

Insulated pvc roll up doors Komby

Rolling door and insulated Thermicroll Komby designed from the combination of pvc high speed roll up door and Classic industrial shutter. In one door, you have the galvanized shutter for security and fabric curtain for daily use.

The steel frame of the insulated door ensures good security, and the fabric curtain provides fast opening speed. It’s an ideal door solution to let the light in the plant, thanks to vision on the PVC curtain. Highly versatile, and also the fabric curtain can be printed with your logo or custom graphics.


Specifications of Komby insulated shutters

The steel skeleton of the insulated shutter ensures versatility and absolute resistance, thanks to the self-repair of the high speed door pvc Dynamicroll®. Among the various customizations, it is possible to request customized silkscreens on the Dynamicroll® sheet.

The industrial closure, which uses mechanical and electrical components of the highest quality, is entirely developed, designed and built in Italy, in one of the company’s various locations.

Finally, all our insulated rolling doors comply with 12453-12445/EC and 13241/EC regulations.



Structure Galvanized steel profile + protective covering
Guides Press-folded profiles with anti-friction seals in polyzene
Motor 0,75Kw – 1,5 Kw
Power supply Side gearmotor or 380 three-phase gear motor with chain transmission
Wind load Class 2     UNI 12424
Water resistence  Class 0     UNI 12424
Air permeability  Class 0     UNI 12424
Soundproofing coefficient Rw  20  dB
Thermal insulation 3,5  W/mqK  EN 12567-1
Lower element Absorbing rubber pad with resistive coast predisposition (8.2K)
Maximum dimensions 10000×6000 mm useful passage
Wind load CL 2 450 Pa internal/external
Applications Aggressive environments, washing, industrial
Manual operation Manual crank opening
Automatic operation Gearmotor
Rewinder axis Tubular galvanized steel
Operating temperature -15°  +  60°



Structure Self-supporting galvanised metal
Pillars Self lubrificating fabric sliding guides
Coat Completely without side seal bars with self-lubrificating polymer material
Motorization 3 phase self-braking suitable for a continuous service, controlled from control unit to inverter with limit switch slowing down
Limit switch Mechanical RPM
Control panel C. E. standards. with metal container
Photocells Infrared security
Safety edge Electronic
Speed Up to 2 m/s
Wind load Class 2
Operating temperature -30  +70


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