Thermicroll®: high quality industrial doors for logistics

Thermicroll® meets the company’s requirements with industrial shutters for warehouse logistics! We are specialized in designing, building, installing and providing assistance for fast doors and industrial closures designed specifically for this type of industry.

Logistics can be the core business of a company (e.g. express courier) or a business function (e.g. logistics and transport division). In both situations, there is a need for fast and very frequent transitions throughout the day.

In logistics, speed is required especially in warehouses and in the loading and unloading areas. The presence of internal and external personnel, sometimes very delicate goods and highly sophisticated vehicles (such as aircraft) requires the most complete safety during operations. Moreover, there is often a need to separate spaces with significant thermal differences.

Thermicroll® industrial roller shutters, which are characterised by their robust and insulated design, are specifically designed for these requirements, with particular attention to handling on airport runways, naval areas, logistic yards and warehouses, industrial closures for highly personalized warehouse logistics have been studied. Choose between our rolling doors or insulated roller doors, depending on your business requirements.

The benefits of our range of products are not limited to those described above: discover all the other advantages of Thermicroll high-speed doors now!

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