Thermicroll: professional doors for refrigeration industry

Thermicroll® meets the requirements of the refrigeration industry with highly customized insulated shutters and refrigeration doors! We are specialized in designing, building, installing and providing assistance for fast doors and industrial shutters designed specifically for this type of industry.

Thermicroll insulated dampers and refrigeration doors provide the highest level of thermal insulation.

Cold rooms need an easy transition between areas with different temperatures and humidity, therefore high-speed doors are among the most efficient solutions. Moreover, to control temperature and humidity Thermicroll has developed special industrial insulated dampers able to guarantee the safety of the environment.

Thermicroll®, thanks to a wide range of industrial closures, guarantees the best preservation of the cold chamber, in terms of temperature, humidity and safety. In particular, Komby insulated roll-up doors are specifically designed to create the conditions required for refrigeration and storage. This refrigerator door was created by combining the HSD with Thermicroll® insulated roller shutter technology.

Another innovative solution for refrigeration is the new version of the Spiral insulated roller shutter, Spiral Door ISO 80 insulated door.

Many industries use refrigeration areas to allow the production cycle, particular process phases or for conservation purposes. Among others, it is important to remember the importance of the food industry and the medical and biological industry (hospitals, research centres, laboratories) for the maintenance of organic samples or for the practice of certain therapies. The creation and maintenance of cold in the astronomical field for the cooling of particular sensors installed on telescopes is a curious fact. For the various types of companies that need refrigeration doors, two different versions of refrigerated doors and insulated shutters have been developed. This way, the various needs can be met in the best possible way.

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If your company does not need high speed doors for industrial refrigeration, look at other solutions for industrial applications.

  • hangar, airports and shipyards industrial doors;
  • composting industry;
  • car washes high speed doors;
  • retailers and supermarkets high speed doors;
  • industry and heavy industry shutters and doors;
  • logistics and warehouses

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