Below you can see a short list of customers who trusted Thermicroll®. These are just a few of the Italian companies that have chosen our industrial closures from a wide range of industrial doors. Discover our insulated industrial shutters and industrial roll-up doors.

Companies that have chosen Thermicroll industrial closures.

The companies that have selected us are our best business card and a source of pride. We at Thermicroll know very well what it means to help solve logistical problems!

Engineers, technicians, consultants, researchers and developers form a dynamic and highly problem-solving oriented team. For any need, we are always ready to listen to customers’ needs.

During the operational phases, we ensure that the customer can rely on a staff of technicians and professionals to follow him step by step in all situations. From the design of speed doors to their construction, we analyse the customer’s needs on a case-by-case basis and follow them through all stages of the process.

From the first steps of your choice to the complete realization and installation of the industrial closure, we never neglect technical assistance during and after the sale.

Finally, there is no staff member, from the technical office to the commercial network, who is not a professional specialized in his field.  Our production department works almost 24 hours a day to make our industrial closures suit every need.

Every day, our vehicles travel all over the country to reach our customers and deliver the required products. In the same way, our assembly teams travel miles and miles to install the new industrial closures and ensure technical assistance to our customers.

This list is constantly updated, so we hope to be able to add your company logo soon!

Details and descriptions of the installations can be found in our case histories.

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