Winding industrial door Air Flow

Winding industrial door with air permeability Air Flow meets the needs of separation and security, enabling easy exchange of air between inside and
outside also when the door is closed, thanks to micro perforated panels.

Thermicroll® Air Flow is constructed by a structure without fixings to the ceiling, thus providing the possibility of application also in areas where the ceiling of the building is not load bearing. The winding patented circular spiral is made of high density polyethylene and the curtain is composed of steel panels micro perforated and anti burglary. The winding space is very small and is absent the footprint on the ground when the door is open.


Thermicroll Air Flow roll-up doors: microperforation of panels, speed and safety at the service of companies and individuals

proiezione serrande avvolgibili
sezione serrande microforate

Microperforation of Thermicroll Air Flow rolling shutter panels allows 25% permeability

Features and advantages of microperforated speed doors

The main characteristics of the microperforated industrial doors are high response speed, minimum displacement noise, absolute safety and the upper winding with reduced overall dimensions. All this is possible thanks to a special machining of the curved insulated profile.

The special design of the microperforated Air Flow speed door gives it an unparalleled durability, eliminating the need for extraordinary maintenance. Ordinary maintenance operations are also very limited in time, creating important economic and temporal savings.

These and other innovations make Thermicroll® the leading company in design, research and development, and the Air Flow model a good example of an easy, fast and space-saving industrial door.

The industrial door, which uses mechanical and electrical components of the highest quality, is entirely designed and built in Italy, in one of the company’s various locations.

All our roll-up doors comply with the 12453-12445/EC and UNI EN 13241-1/EC standards and are certified as exclusive and original products, unique in strength, practicality, functionality and quality.

If microperforated industrial shutters are not the right solution for you, you can see the other models of insulated roller shutters available: Spiral 50 insulated rapid doorsSpiral 80 Special Application insulated shutters, Spiral 80 Cold Room insulated speed doors.

For more information on the Air Flow industrial doors check the table with technical characteristics and download the catalogue!

Industrial door Thermicroll® Air Flow EN Industrial door Thermicroll® Air Flow

Applications Internal/External
Maximum dimensions (L x H) 6000 x 5000 mm
Maximum opening speed 2 m/s
Maximum closing speed 0,5 m/s
Dimensions Upper Mast        350 mm
H < 3700                          650 mm
3700 < H < 5000           800 mm H > 5000                          1000 mm
Coat Zinc plated steel SP 12/10
Structure Zinc plated steel
Structure protection Zinc plating z170 (optional)
Side guides and spiral High density polyethylene
PE HD 500,000 PE patented
Control panel Inverter 380 v
Automatic operating logic and management of all low voltage safety devices
Separate high-capacity 24 V separate 24 V power supply unit
Control panel dimensions 300 x 400 x 150 (mm)
Power supply 400 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Engine position Right/left
Safety photocell IP 67
22 active beams up to h=2500 mm In compliance with: UNI EN 13241 – 1
Safety edge Wireless (optional)
Automatic emergency opening Manually releasing the counterweight
Permeability 25% of panel surface area


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