“Air Flow” fast shutter with SPIRAL technology

Industrial shutter with spiral winding and high air permeability.

This roll-up closure solves the need for separation and safety. Thanks to the microperforation of the panels, easy air exchange between outside and inside is allowed even with the door closed.


Thermicroll Air Flow roll-up doors: microperforation of panels, speed and safety at the service of companies and individuals

proiezione serrande avvolgibili

Characteristics of Thermicroll® Air Flow Rolling Shutters

The Thermicroll Air Flow rapid roll-up door it consists of a structure that avoids hooking to the ceiling and the possibility of application even in areas where the ceiling of the building is not load-bearing.

The patented circular spiral winding is in high density polyethylene and takes place without the aid of a winding shaft:

The mantle of Thermicroll High Speed Shutter for collective parking is made of rigid panels. Air Flow rate in extruded structural aluminum, section 50 mm. On request, the panel can be supplied “Blind” or with “Design Workings“.

Details of the Air Flow shutter for collective parking and garages:

  • Safety of use, guaranteed by a 22-beam photocell barrier
  • Mantle with elements section 80 mm, in the variants: insulated panels, double sheet aluminum or painted galvanized steel cladding
  • Window panels with perimeter frame in structural aluminum and transparent element in single wall polycarbonate
  • Single wall blind panels in structural aluminum
  • High Insulating Power, with “U” value up to: ~ 1 W / m2 * K
  • Sliding on high density polyethylene guides (Thermicroll patent)
  • Absence of bulky ceiling fixings/hangars
  • Reduced lateral dimensions
  • Absence of winding shaft
  • Spiral wrapping of the elements, without contact and without wear
  • Lifting by double push-pull chain
  • Absence of springs subject to failure and breakage
  • Balancing by means of a group of counterweights
  • 400V three-phase motorization for intensive use
  • Controlled with inverter and absolute encoder
  • High opening spees (up to 2m / s depending on door size)
  • Continuity of service
  • Captivating aesthetics
  • Durability up to 3 milion cycles (with periodic maintenance)

All our roll-up doors comply with the 12453-12445/EC and UNI EN 13241-1/EC standards and are certified as exclusive and original products, unique in strength, practicality, functionality and quality.

If microperforated industrial shutters are not the right solution for you, you can see the other models of insulated roller shutters available: Spiral 50 insulated rapid doorsSpiral 80 Special Application insulated shutters, Spiral 80 Cold Room insulated speed doors.


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