Thermicroll® Spiral Doors are special roller shutters that guarantee speed, thermal insulationand and continuity of service: all enclosed in a single product

See how the shutters work:

The curtain of the Thermicroll® Spiral Doors rolling shutters is made up of very thick rigid panels.

Main features of Thermicroll shutters:

  • Contactless and Wear-Free Element Winding
  • High Speed Running (up to 2m/s) on High Density Polyethylene Guides (powered by thermicroll)
  • Installation without anchorage to the ceiling
  • Three-phase 400V motorization (230V on request) for Intensive Use, controlled with Inverter, Absolute Encoder and Photocell Barriers
  • Handling through Double Chain Double Mesh and Balancing through Counterweight Group
  • Absence of lifting ropes and Balancing Springs, subject to wear and tear and rotation
  • Duration of 3 milion cycles (with periodic maintenance)

Thermicroll® Spiral Doors fast shutter are avaiable on: bimobject®.

High thermal insulation, speed of maneuver, durability and continuity of service save energy: Thermicroll spiral doors open quickly and form a wall of insulated panels when closed.

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Spiral ISO50 insulated industrial shutters

Spiral 50

The top of the range of Thermicroll insulated shutters because it guarantees the best performance in terms of speed, safety and insulation. In addition, the Spiral 50 industrial shutters have a very attractive appearance and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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insulated industrial door spiral80

Spiral 80

Spiral 80 Special Application insulated high speed doors have been developed with the specific characteristic of maintaining a high insulation with operating temperature between -5 °C and +40 °C. This insulated door also provides good sound insulation.

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Insulated doors Spiral 80 Cold Room

Spiral 80 Cold Room

Thanks to panels with high thermal-acoustic insulation, the Spiral 80 Cold Room insulated roll up door is ideal in environments characterized by harsh temperatures.
Because of its characteristics it is used in the food and pharmaceutical sector, where a division between environments with different thermal characteristics is fundamental.

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serrande microforate air flow

Air Flow

Roll up doors with air permeability. This micro-perforated shutters meets the needs of separation and above all safety requirements, allowing easy air exchange between outside and inside even when the door is closed, thanks to microperforation of the panels. The Air Flow industrial door consists of a structure that avoids hooking up to the ceiling, thus providing the possibility of application even where the ceiling is not load-bearing.

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