Classic industrial roller shutters

Thermicroll® Classic industrial rolling shutters are suitable for a wide range of industrial environments where an easy, economical and space-saving industrial closure is required. The quick-action doors and rolling shutters of the Classic line have an unbeatable value for money and minimal maintenance.

The insulated mantle of the industrial damper consists of aluminium or double-walled steel panels, wraps on a roller in direct grip on the motor. In addition, Classic roller shutters can be equipped with polycarbonate windows to maximize interior lighting.

Finally, the size of the winding is very small, it does not require any spring balancing system, the floor space when the damper is open is absent.

Serrande industriali coibentate Classic: disegni tecnici

Insulated industrial shutters Classic: technical drawings

Thermicroll® Classic industrial rolling doors

Thermicroll® Classic industrial rolling shutters are part of the company’s range of industrial shutters, which have been committed for years to providing industrial closures for the various logistical problems of the company.

Thermicroll industrial closures are suitable for any industry requiring easy transition between zones. Discover quick doors by application area.

Classic industrial closures are a technological evolution in the field of roll-up shutters.

Industrial rolling shutters are intended to be divided into operational zones for different uses.

The absence of attacks on the ground and the extreme speed of opening and closing meet the requirements of simple transit.

The Classic industrial shutter was created to satisfy the need for an easy exchange of air between outside and inside even without opening and closing the shutter. In this way, a valid thermal blockage for industrial environments is guaranteed, as well as total abatement in the wake of the wind, which is often responsible for operating limitations inside.

The Classic type of industrial dampers represents a structure that avoids hooking up to the ceiling, unlike overhead doors, thus providing the possibility of application even in areas where the ceiling of the building is not load-bearing (for example, the counter ceiling).

The industrial door is characterized by the presence of oversized assembled mechanical components that contribute to the durability of the industrial door and ensure that no extraordinary maintenance work is required.

Specifications of Classic industrial roller shutters Classic: Italian and certified doors and dampers

The avant-garde of this type of rolling doors is represented by the high response speed, minimum displacement noise, absolute safety and superior winding with reduced space requirements, thanks to the special processing of the insulated curved profile. All this gives an unparalleled service life and eliminates the need for extraordinary maintenance.

Ordinary maintenance work on this type of rolling doors is also very limited in time, creating important economic and temporal savings. These and other innovations make Thermicroll® a leading company in the rapid door and insulated door industry, including design, research and development. The Classic industrial dampers model is a good example of fast, fast and space-saving quick winding closure.

The insulated rolling door, which uses mechanical and electrical components of the highest quality, is entirely designed, designed and built in Italy, in one of the company’s various locations. These are just some of the product’s strengths, to learn more about displaying the benefits of Thermicroll industrial doors.

The Thermichroll® Classic is also available in Wash version. The version is characterized by the high quality galvanic coated steel with protective film, which guarantees the resistance of the damper door over time. In addition, the insulated damper can also be requested with a special coating with coil-coating process.

Finally, it is possible to insert windows in transparent polycarbonate able to give a lot of brightness to the interior spaces.
All our insulated roller doors comply with the 12453-12445/EC and UNI EN 13241-1/EC standards and are certified as exclusive and original products, unique in their strength, practicality, functionality and quality.

If the Classic insulated damper is not the most suitable industrial closure for your needs, you can see the Eolo windproof doors.


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