Thermicroll high speed doors
Quality industrial shutters

Thermicroll high speed doors are the leading industrial shutters on the market.

Thermicroll designs, manufactures, distributes and installs a wide range of fast action doors, which can be adapted to any space and customer requirements.

From roll-up doors to insulated shutters, the range of industrial closures available is completely customizable.

All Thermicroll industrial closures can be adapted even to the most complex facilities thanks to their flexibility, space-saving dimensions and the absence of ceiling anchors.

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High Speed Roll-Up doors

The roll-up doors developed by our team have a high degree of flexibility and have been designed to meet the various wind protection requirements.

Whether it’s making windproof industrial closures, or creating ventilation closures between warehouse and work areas, Thermicroll roll-up shutters are the most suitable solution.

If, on the other hand, it is necessary to create windproof industrial doors, Eolo windproof doors are specially designed to solve the problem of natural gusts or air flows due to the passage from one area of the warehouse to another.

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Insulated High Speed Doors

Thermicroll insulated high speed doors and shutters are designed to guarantee the best separation and insulation between environments that need to maintain a stable temperature.

Thermicroll insulating dampers are used as refrigerating doors, industrial closures for cells and quick doors for the insulation of the different working areas, with operating conditions down to -25°C.

The Spiral series is certainly among the top of the range of Thermicroll refrigerated and insulated closures.

When you want to make quick doors that allow air to pass through, thus allowing air circulation, the micro perforated Air Flow dampers are definitely the most suitable choice.

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Combined High Speed Doors

The Komby series is the result of the combination of a high speed pvc door and a Classic roll-up door. The latter are a product with an excellent price-quality ratio and minimal maintenance.

Partly composed of PVC sheet, without stiffening bars, it guarantees a high wind resistance. On the other hand, the Komby combined door ensures soundproofing thanks to the extension of the acoustic surface area of the knurled lamellas.

Combined quick-action doors therefore have a steel skeleton that ensures absolute strength, while the combination with the Dynamicroll pvc quick-door makes transport and handling easier.

Highly customizable, these industrial closures are screen-printed with custom graphics.

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Folding doors

Thermicroll folding doors are designed for the closure of warehouses, as industrial hangar doors or even as garage doors, and guarantee the highest market standards for reliability and resistance.

Side-pack sliding doors are available with or without a lower guide, with manual or motorised opening, and also as insulated folding doors if necessary.

It is also possible to customise industrial folding doors with various accessories, from pedestrian doors to porthole and windows, according to specific needs.

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The prices of industrial high speed doors vary according to the model, size and specific characteristics of the opening on which the industrial closure will be installed. Our technicians are able to provide detailed estimates in 24 hours.

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