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Industrial folding and sliding doors

Thermicroll industrial folding doors are designed to close buildings, as industrial hangar doors or even as garage doors.

This type of industrial door has high performance in terms of wind resistance, thermal and acoustic insulation.

Thanks to the different customization possibilities it is possible to insert porthole, ventilation grilles, external key handles, windows and pedestrian doors inside any Thermicroll industrial door. In addition, folding industrial doors can be supplied with manual opening, prearranged or motorised for easy opening and closing, thus allowing safe and fast transit.

Why choose a Thermicroll Industrial Folding Door?

Choosing a Thermicroll industrial folding door is definitely the best choice for those who want a closure with the highest market standards in terms of reliability and resistance.

The service and maintenance of the folding and sliding industrial doors carried out by our technicians also guarantees a long service life. If you are interested in the service and maintenance of a folding door already installed, you can contact our technicians: ask for assistance on industrial doors.

Choose Thermicroll for your folding industrial doors:

  • Customizable doors in size and finishes
  • High thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Quick assembly of the industrial door

  • Accessories and custom configurations
  • Different solutions for folding doors with or without lower guide
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Types of folding industrial industrial doors

Thermicroll has several models of folding and sliding doors for hangars, industrial warehouses and garages.

Side pack industrial sliding doors

The side pack industrial sliding door with lower guide and upper bearing guide, is composed of 52 mm thick panels, with internal perimeter frame in galvanized steel, insulated with injected polyurethane foam with a density of 43 kg/m3 and covered with smooth pre-painted sheet metal 7/10 thick. This model is also available without a lower rail.

The door closure is guaranteed by the internal handles complete with high and low closing rods with reinforced tip and rod slides with PVC protection, all in galvanized steel and painted black.

The sliding side pack doors also offer a window solution. In this case the doors can be divided by horizontal crosspieces into several mirrors prepared for cladding with panels or glass (supplied separately, to be laid during the installation phase).

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Folding doors for hangars and insulated folding doors

Thermicroll also manufactures folding doors for hangars and insulated folding doors.

The door closure is guaranteed by the internal handles complete with high and low closing rods with reinforced tip and rod slides with PVC protection, all in galvanized steel and painted black.
Seals between the door and the door to ensure a 50mm anti-crush space, are made of black anti-aging EPDM natural rubber. Black aluminium profiles are fixed to the top and bottom of the doors with a special joint for inserting the nylon brushes.
Thermicroll folding hangar and insulated doors can be supplied manual, prearranged or motorized and guaranteed to operate at an operating temperature between -30°C and +70°C.

Folding doors windows

Folding door accessories

As already mentioned, Thermicroll is able to realize any industrial door by customizing each model with the most useful accessories for the customer company. Among the many configurations available, here are some of the most popular industrial door accesses:

  • Aluminum door sp 12/10
  • Sheet metal Stainless steel face
  • Pedestrian door with lock or panic bar
  • Glassed skylight
  • Shelves with external key
  • Motoring
  • Split shutter

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