Fold-Up Pack Doors Thermicroll F.U.D.

Thanks to their versatility and variety of models, Thermicroll F. U. D. fold-up pack doors are ideal for any industry and provide the ideal solution to cover large openings.

The insulated coat made up of aluminium or double-walled steel panels is wrapped on a roller in direct grip on the motor.

The size of the winding is reduced to a minimum and does not require any spring-loaded balancing system, the floor space when the door is open is absent.

caratteristiche porte impacchettamento thermicroll

Thermicroll F.U.D.: the ideal solution for closing large openings

Versatile and durable, Thermicroll high-speed doors are the ideal solution in the industrial and logistics sector where very often closing large openings is required for both ground and overhead overhead overhead locks.

The maximum dimensions can be up to 50m wide and 40m high with wind resistance characteristics of 160 km/h made of aluminium trusses and double sheet.

The opening speed combined with the absence of space on the ground when the shutter is open allows for quick and safe transit of people and vehicles.

This type of high speed doors consist of a U-shaped galvanized steel perimeter structure suitable to contain the sliding of the fabric. All our closures are controlled by a 380V three-phase control panel and are designed for intensive continuous duty use.

Another characteristic of this type of closure is the very small size of the winding, which does not require any spring balancing system.

All models of packaged doors can also be fitted with polycarbonate windows to maximize interior lighting.

Fold-up pack doors: features and advantages

This type of industrial doors is characterized by the high speed of response combined with maximum safety of people and vehicles during handling operations, as well as a higher winding with reduced overall dimensions thanks to the execution of a special processing of the insulated profile. These features give the closures a long service life, eliminating the need for extraordinary maintenance.

Routine maintenance work on this type of doors is also limited, with consequent advantages both in terms of cost and time.

These and other innovations have made Thermicroll® a leading company in the field of industrial doors, including design, research and development. The F.U.D. industrial fold-up pack door is a great example of closure that combines the highest standards in terms of performance and reliability.

Thermicroll PVC fold-up doors are entirely designed and built in Italy using only the highest quality mechanical and electrical components.

All Thermicroll industrial doors comply with the 12453-12445/EC and UNI EN 13241-1/EC standards and are certified as exclusive and original products, unique in their resistance, practicality, functionality and quality.

If fold-up pack doors are not the right solution for your business, you can view the other high speed pvc door models produced by Thermicroll: H.S.D. self-repairing, S.D. high speed rolling doors, Food Inox.

For more information on the F.U.D. industrial door, check the table with the technical characteristics and download the catalogue!

Thermicroll® F.U.D. Fold Up Pack Doors Thermicroll® F.U.D.

Applications Internal/External
Maximum dimensions (L x H) 50.000 x 40.000 mm
Maximum opening speed 1 m/s
Maximum closing speed 1 m/s
Operating temperature -20°C +30°C
Wind load
W 3000 x 3000
W 5000 x 5000
W 7000 x 7000
W 8000 x 8000
Structure STANDARD
Zinc plated steel
Painted stainless steel
Coat 0.9mm – 900 gr/sqm PVC sheet
Control panel Contactors
Power supply 400 V 16 A 3 Ph
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Limit switch Mechanical
Emergency Release STANDARD
Hand crank release
Safety edge (EN 13241) Anti-crushing sensor
Durability 1,000,000,000 opening and closing cycles with regular maintenance every 6 months


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