Thermicroll pvc high-speed doors are the result of a major investment in research and development and guarantee the highest quality for the installation of industrial high speed doors. These are industrial pvc curtain closures without rigid elements. These industrial doors are ideal for fast and continuous transits. Thanks to the variety of models and customizations available for Thermicroll pvc high speed doors, these doors are the right solution for any industry.

On each pvc fast door are performed numerous tests and verifications as prescribed by EU standards to ensure maximum efficiency in terms of performance and reliability, ensuring fast and safe passages of people and handling equipment.

Thermicroll® High Speed Pvc Doors

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Self-Repairing Doors H.S.D.

Thermicroll H.S.D. closure is a flexible pvc high speed door with self-repairing winding and has been designed to resist shocks or impacts caused by the frequent passage of vehicles and machinery for handling. Designed for intensive use, it is the ideal solution for fast and continuous transits.

Designed for intensive use, it is the ideal solution for fast and continuous transits. When built with insulated sheeting, the closure also allows a high degree of insulation.

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Roll Up Doors S.D.

Thermicroll S.D. high-speed roll-up doors are industrial doors suitable for those areas of application that require fast and safe transits between one zone and another. It is an extremely versatile product, both in terms of dimensions and finishes, with low maintenance.

The Thermicroll S.D. pvc rapid door is ideal for situations where it is necessary to quickly close a passage, as it can be installed very quickly.

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Food Inox

Food Inox high speed doors in pvc and steel are specially designed for food and pharmaceutical environments, they are made of steel and allow to insulate the rooms both thermally and acoustically.

All Food Inox industrial doors are made with a pvc curtain that allows the door to come into contact with food and chemicals without affecting their hygiene.

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Fold Up High Speed Doors F.U.D. 

Thermicroll F.U.D. folding high speed doors are ideal for any sector and are the ideal solution for covering large openings.

The speed of opening combined with the absence of floor space when the industrial damper is open allow fast and safe transit of people and equipment for handling.

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