Thermicroll®: high speed doors for car washes

Thermicroll® meets the needs of the car wash industry with highly customised high speed doors. We are specialized in designing, building, installing and providing assistance for insulated roll-up doors for large openings of this particular type of industry.

Thermicroll high-speed car wash doors are the best solution for car wash owners

In automatic brush washes, a constant problem is the continuous sprays in the form of water spray. This is a common situation for industrial sectors in direct contact with water. For this reason, using high speed doors is the best solution to preserve the wash chamber.

Preserving the automatic brush washing chamber is of the utmost importance to avoid physical pains that may occur as a result of continuous exposure.

Furthermore, vandalism that may occur during the closure period is also an increasingly real threat.

Washing chambers must be preserved using the latest technology.

Thermicroll® meets these and other needs as quickly and reliably as possible, anywhere. Thermicroll high-speed doors, with maximum speed, robustness and insulation, are the solution designed specifically for this type of industry. Industrial doors protect both people working in car washes and the structures, guaranteeing a product of great technical quality!  Discover all the other advantages now!

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