Thermicroll®: professional doors and shutters for heavy industry

Whether your business is in the chemical industry or in the mechanical industry, in the aerospace industry or in the automotive, textile, construction or pharmaceutical industries, Thermicroll® meets your needs with tailor-made industrial doors!
We are specialized in designing, building, installing and providing assistance for fast doors and industrial closures designed specifically for this type of industries.

All types of industry need quick, easy and functional transitions from one area to another. Opening large, heavy and bulky folding doors several times a day is a considerable waste of time for a modern company. For this reason Thermicroll provides fast, safe and high performance industrial roll-up doors and insulated roll-up doors. The ease of passage without connections to the ground, guaranteed by our industrial shutters, allows safe passage from one area to another, ensuring space-saving openings.

Industry, and in particular heavy industry and metalworking, tends to remove obstacles that obstruct the passages between environments, both to speed up operations and to avoid accidents at work.

In addition, production rhythms are often pressing and there is no time for accurate maintenance of the industrial doors and shutters. Thermicroll offers a highly personalized service, without brand distinction. Moreover, there is often a need to separate spaces with considerable thermal differences, as well as environments where there are possible hazards or sources of major noise pollution.

Thermicroll® is also specialized in heavy industry and provides specific products to minimize maintenance. Any situation and any industry can refer to our business solutions, thanks to a consultancy path tailored to each specific need.

Speed, sturdiness and insulation are just some of the features of our product range, discover the other advantages of Thermicroll high-speed doors right away!

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