Thermicroll®: industrial doors for the large-scale retail trade

Thermicroll® meets the needs of the industry with shop doors, rolling dampers and large-opening industrial shutters!

All our roller shutter industrial doors are designed to ensure the best quality and resistance.

Thermicroll shop doors and roller shutters are the most efficient solution for supermarkets and large-scale retail chains

In large-scale retail distribution spaces dedicated to the warehouse and those open to the public are often adjacent. Reliable, fast and secure industrial doors must therefore be installed. In fact, these environments often have to comply with minimum requirements essential to the protection of the employees involved.

In some cases, such as supermarkets, finding unskilled and untrained staff in the area near the door or damper is a common fact. For this reason, high speed doors for the food sector has been studied, combining safety, functionality and aesthetics. The Thermicroll Classic insulated damper is equipped with high-performance motors, designed to ensure the door is opened and closed very quickly and above all with great safety thanks to the photocell monitoring system, provided for by law.

There is also a need to separate spaces with significant temperature differences, as well as environments where there are possible dangers (e.g. where forklifts or forklifts operate) or sources of noise pollution (such as slaughter machinery). Our industrial insulated dampers are safe and reliable solutions with high thermal and acoustic insulation.

Thermicroll responds to these and other needs as quickly and reliably as possible, anywhere. With the maximum speed, robustness and impediment to flows between different areas, Thermicroll high speed doors for retailers and supermarkets are the solution designed specifically for large organised distribution.

In addition to the benefits described above, you can discover all the other advantages of Thermicroll high-speed doors now!

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